Detroit - cycle of decline

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  • Detroit - cycle of decline
    • Past
      • built up area
      • high rise + public buildings
      • buildings for public services
      • univertsities
      • 'Henry Ford' was the first car manufacturer in Detroit
        • then GM + Chrysler
      • inner city convenient for schools, shops + offices
      • good night life - opera house, restaurants, orchestra, theaters
      • well paid jobs
      • residents rate the city high
      • gardens, views, fountains, statues
      • historical libraries, museums, art galleries
    • Present
      • resembles a 'war zone''
      • experienced the negative side of globalisation
        • more competition lead to more unemployment
        • impacts the prize that local businesses can sell things
      • abandoned + derelict homes
      • homeless people
        • 15,000 homeless
      • loss of jobs
      • buildings too expensive to fix
      • cheaper labour elsewhere
      • buildings have traps + often used to sell drugs
      • GM headquarter remains but factory is elsewhere where labour is cheaper
      • lower incomes
      • whole city became bankrupt - e.g. due to less taxes
      • increasing crime rates
    • Causes
      • impacted by industry modernisation
      • Henry 'Ford' buildings is now derelict
    • Reasons for the pattern of land
      • more vacant land closer to the CBD and the river
        • caused by closure of industry in the CBD area?
        • outmigration as industries closed?
      • industry likely to be located in the CBD or along the river
      • traditionally industrial working class lived close to the CBD close to the industries
      • middle class suburbs usually further out of the CBD industrial centre, but in driving distance
        • less abandonment because fewer jobs are directly dependent on industry


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