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  • Far Place: Detroit
    • LOCATION: North-est USA, Michigan, Great Lakes
    • Media Place
      • Lonely Planet: revitalised, creative energy, motor city, abandoned building give it a raw energy, artistic, urban farms, but African Americans not sharing equally in the development.
      • National Geographic: multicultural, divide in wealth, mixture in ethnicity, difference in socio-economic status
      • Documentary by Ford Motors, 1961: forward thinking, docks and factories, French came for furs off bears, population white, lumber industry, copper and iron, 1890s Car industry began, Henry ford = Ford Motors, people left jobs to join this industry
      • Lose Yourself -Eminem "He goes back to his mobile home" "but he is broke" "you only get one shot, don't miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime" "can't get by with my 9to5" "Salem's lot"
      • 8 Mile - 2002 Drama film - white rapper trying to integrate in black rapper community.
    • Economic Success and Expansion
      • The Steel Belt Boom: Manufactured new standardised consumer products for customers across the USA eg Ford Motors and GM used innovative processes such as the assembly line. With the decline of late 20th century = RUST BELT (Detroit as the capital)
      • New Workers Needed: millions of African-americans travelled from rural south to urban north for jobs in the car industry. GREAT MIGRATION. the KKK had great deal of support in the South, the black people felt pushed out of economic opportunities (stuck in plantation work)
    • Why did Detroit decline?
      • International oil crisis. 1970s. drivers wanted vehicles with goof fuel economy.
      • Competition in Asia. eg Honda, Nissan, Toyota - favourable models.
      • Detroit's big employers suffered. Cut jobs and plants. Large scale unemployment = fall in taxes = less investment into the public services.
      • UAW (Union of Automotive Workers) - 7 weeks holiday, $74/hr, average $130,000/yr + health insurance and benefits. refused to lower this wage.
    • Detropia - 2012 documentary film
      • Fastest shrinking city. 100,000 empty homes.
      • American axle outsourced 2000 jobs to Mexico. UAW didn't lower wage so plant closed.
      • 2002-2012 Michigan lost 50% of manufacturing jobs.
      • 50% of population unemplyed
      • Vacant land. City spread out = pressure on services. plan - want to move people from sparse areas to densely populated areas.
      • 2009 - GM and Chrysler bankrupt. Bailed out my US Governemt. Conditions - 50% paycut and no healthcare benefits.
      • 2010 census. 713,000.
      • Detroit race riots. Federal Troops deployed.
    • Alter Road
      • Separates Detroit from Grosse Point. Came about from white flight in 80s.
      • Barriers range from wooden fences to concrete walls. Visual demarcation line of the social segregation.
      • 80% City in Detroit are African American. $25,000 median household income. 80% of residents of Grosse Point are white. $101,000.


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