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  • Determinism Essay
    • Determinism is the idea that behaviour is out of our control due to internal or external factors.
    • Types of determinism include Biological, environmental, Physic, hard and soft.
      • Psychic determinism is the idea that our behaviour is driving through unconscious instincts that are shaped by early experiences
      • biologically deterministic is the idea that our behaviour is controlled by internal factors such as genes, neurochemical and brain structure + function
      • Environmental determinism is the idea that our behaviour is controlled by external  forces such as peers, parents and experiences
      • Soft determinism is the idea that our behaviour is controlled by internal and external forces but we can exercise some control
      • Hard determinism states we are controlled by internal and external forces and have absolutely no control.
    • A limitation of determinism is that it goes against humans idea that we choose our behaviour in which we have based society and the justice system around.
      • However the relatively new idea of soft determinism is good compromise between free will and hard determinism as it suggest we do have some control and acknowledges self awareness .
    • an implication of the idea of determinism is child rearing and the amount of pressure placed on parents
    • a strength of determinism is it allows us the predict behaviour lending its self to scientific testing. making research more acceptable
    • another problem with our behaviour being dermanistic is its implications on society for example education as it suggests they have no control of their inteligance which could lead to a lack of teaching efforts for certain students,
      • another social implication is what to do economically do we put more money into lacking societies to improve environmental determinism.
        • iThis could also lead to issues for the person personally due to a self fulfilling prophecy for example they maybe be   environmentally determined to be less intelligent so stops trying at school.
    • Determinism makes humans seem mechanical like robots and doesn't take into account context. we cant predict every aspect of human behaviour.
    • The idea that our behaviour is deterministic takes away from responsibility from others action which sort of justifies crime and other bad behaviour
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