Deteriorating relationship between USA and USSR.

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  • Deteriorating relationship between USA and USSR>
    • Atomic Bomb
      • On 6 August 1945, the USA dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and on the 9th it was Nagasaki . !20,000 civilians were killed.
      • Knowing the USA could build atomic bombs made Truman more confident in negotiations at Potsdam.
      • The USSR created their atomic bomb in 1949, 4 years later.
      • Stalin felt he needed to make the Soviet Union more secure so he was more determined to create communism between Germany and the Soviet.
      • A war using atomic bombs could kill millions and destroy the world, but this might have made the USA and USSR more reluctant to have military combat.
    • Telegrams
      • The 'Long' Telegram said that the USSR would back down. America decided to try 'containment' to stop communism spreading.
      • The Novikov telegram showed that each side distrusted each other. The USA wanted to use their military power to dominate the world and they were no longer eager to work with the USSR.
      • Stalin thought he must develop as much protection as possible in Eastern Europe.
      • George Kennan sent the 'Long' telegram saying Stalin wanted to destroy capitalism, Stalin felt people were hostile and trying to destroy communism.
      • Both, Truman and Stalin felt that the break-up of the Grand Alliance would cause conflict. in 1946, both asked their embassies to report on the other countries.
    • Iron Curtain Speech
      • Winston Churchill went to Missouri in 1946 and gave a speech.
      • He said, the Soviet Union was a threat to freedom and world peace. He was provoked because communism had just been set up in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.
      • "An Iron Curtain has descended...capitals of Central and Eastern Europe...are Soviet Influences... and control from Moscow.
      • Churchill was speaking in the USA so Stalin thought the it mirrored Truman's thoughts. The USSR strengthened it's forces and started anti- West propaganda.
    • Eastern Europe
      • In 1944 and 1945, the Soviet Red Army freed many countries from the Nazis as it advanced to Germany.
      • Stalin was reluctant to lost control of these countries as they created a buffer zone between the USSR and Germany,
      • Stalin changed these countries into Satellite states with communist governments and very little genuine independence from the USSR.
      • Truman thought that this was evidence that the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism.


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