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  • Détente
    • The Outer Space Treaty - 1967
      • Stopped the arms race from spreading to outer space.
      • Pledged that neither superpower would place nuclear weapons in space.
    • The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - 1968
      • Neither superpower would supply nuclear weapons to other states or help other states develop nuclear weapons.
      • This stopped superpower conflict engulfing other parts of the world.
    • The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I) - 1972
      • USA and USSR agreed there would be no further production of strategic ballistic missiles.
      • USA and USSR agreed submarines carrying nuclear weapons would only be introduced when ballistic missiles were stopped from use.
      • Significant as it limited the number of nuclear weapons for both sides.
    • The Helsinki Conference - 1975
      • Agreed greater co-operation between USA and USSR in terms of trading and fighting international terrorism.
      • Limited the possibility of superpower conflict.
    • The Apollo-Soyuz Mission - 1975
      • Joint space mission between USA and USSR.
      • Marked the beginning of superpower co-operation in space.


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