Details of mitosis

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  • Details of Mitosis
    • 1. Interphase
      • No chromosomes visible
      • DNA, histones and centrioles all replicated
    • 2. Prophase
      • Chromosomes condensed and visible
      • Centrioles at opposite poles of cell
      • Nucleolus disappears
    • 3. Metaphase
      • Nuclear envelope disappears
      • Chromosomes align along the equator of the cell
      • Spindle fibres (microtubules) connect centrioles to chromosomes
    • 4. Anaphase
      • Centromeres split, allowing chromatids to separate
      • Chromatids move towards poles, centormeres first, pulled by proteins "walking" along the microtubule tracks
    • 5. Telophase
      • Spindle fibres disperse
      • Nuclear envelopes form
      • Chromatids uncoil and become too thin to see
    • 6. Cytokinesis
      • In animal cells a ring of actin filament forms round the equator of the cell, and then tightens to form a cleavage furrow, which splits the cell in two
      • In plant cells vesicles move to the equator, line up and fuse to form two membranes called the cell plate. A new cell wall is laid down between the membranes, which fuses with the existing cell wall


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