Desire - Paradise Lost and White Devil

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  • Desire
    • power e.g. wealth/knowledge
      • Flamineo: 'O Gold, what a god art thou!'
      • Eve: 'I grow mature in knowledge, as the Gods'
        • Rhetorical question 'to us denied this intellectual food, for beasts reserved?'
      • Adam pluralises 'Gods'
    • 'Pure' characters
      • Cornelia: 'because we are poor, shall we be vicious?'
      • Lowenstein: 'Adam and Eve remain unfallen until the fall itself'
    • It's consequences
      • Personification of earth: 'muttering thunder' and 'some sad drops wept'
      • The real story WD is based on, Flamineo is innocent - but still get's killed
      • Flamineo's dying monologue: 'my life was a black charnel'
      • 'O happy they that never saw the court, nor every knew great man but by report.'
        • Vittoria: 'My soul, like a black ship in a black storm, is driven I know what whither'
        • 'O my greatest sin lay in my blood - / now my blood pays for it'
          • 'blood' - synecdoche for family/heritance
          • usually interpeted as 'my greatest sin lay in my sexual passion
          • Christina Luckyj: 'could also mean 'higher temper, mettle', so Vittoria maintains her spirited self-defence'
      • After eating fruit: 'try to hide their guilt and dreaded shame!'
      • 'If women do breed man she ought to teach him manhood'
        • 'Th'art a noble sister - /I love thee now.' - caesura
      • Structuralist: WD is a revenge tragedy
      • Epic poem: Milton more interested in moralistic, Christian heroism
        • "better fortitude of patience and heroic martyrdom unsung"
    • Lust
      • PL: 'carnal desires inflamed'
        • 'In lust they burn'
          • 'she him as wantonly repaid' - before fall plants 'with wanton growth derides'
        • Francisco: 'both rot together'
        • C. S. Lewis: Adam fell through 'uxoriousness'
        • Monticelso calls Vittoria 'true material fire of hell' juxtaposition with 'Cold Russian winters, that appear so barren'
      • Women
        • Eve came from 'a lifeless rib' (suffixed with less emphasises her little value)
        • repitition of 'whore' in Monticleso's monologue
        • Lawyer: 'none should sit upon thy sister but old whore-masters'
      • 'were there a second paradise to lost this devil would betray it' - ambiguity as to who the devil is


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