Design Argument

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  • Design Argument
    • Overview
      • A posteriori, inductive, synthetic
      • Based off sense experience
      • Infers the existence of God
      • teleological derives from "telos" meaning order or purpose
    • Early arguments
      • Cicero saw the beauty in the skies and said it showed a God
      • Plato thought that humans had been designed by a God
      • The Bible made it theistic: "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
    • Aquinas' fifth way
      • Saw that non rational beings move with purpose
      • Argued that the world had beneficial order
      • Beneficial order could not be chance so it must be God
    • Paley's watch analogy
      • Paley said that if you saw a watch you would know it was designed
      • Watch an analogy for the universe
      • design qua purpose
      • Uses the idea that like effects infer like causes
      • because the watch was designed, it infers the universe was
    • Anthropic principle
      • coined by Tennant
      • idea that the universe is fine tuned for humans
      • uses Darwin's theory of evolution to show it was God's guiding hand
      • John Polkinghorne said any slight difference and we would not be here
      • Freeman Dyson said the universe seemed to have planned for us coming
      • Arthur Brown said that the ozone layer is "proof of the mighty creator's forethought"
    • Aspects of design
      • Beauty
        • Tennant's aesthetic design argument
        • beauty cannot be explained away by Darwinist ideas
        • finishing touches of a designer on the universe
      • order
        • Swinburne's theory of regularities of succession
        • the universe is so large that is could easily be chaotic but is ordered
        • best scientific practice to look at the most simple explanation said Swinburne
          • Science requires a larger leap of faith than God





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