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  • Design argument
    • For
      • Aquinas- 13th centaury philosopher.
        • 'summa theologica'- 5 ways to prove existence of God.
        • purpose, regularity,benefit
        • Argument from gouvernance
        • analogy of the arrow and the archer.
          • Just as an archer must direct an arrow, God must direct nature.
        • P1)inanimate objects consistently produce beneficial results.
          • P2) Lack intelligence and rational power- not self guided.
            • P3) external factor with intelligence must guide it to produce beneficial order
      • Paley- wrote 'natural theology'
        • compared natural world and biological beings to manmade machines
        • order, purpose,regularity
        • design qua purpose
          • Everything clearly designed for a purpose
          • analogy of the watch and the watch maker
            • P1) the complexity allows it to fulfil its purpose- this requires a designer.
            • P2) similar effects(complexity) imply similar causes(designer)
            • P3) the complexity of the universe implies a designer- allowing universe to fulfil its purpose
            • Also used a more natural analogy of the human eye.
        • Design qua regularity
          • universe has order and regularity. e.g. solar system.
          • observed newton's laws of motion and gravity-showed design.
          • they way solar system rotates and obeys laws didn't come about by chance
          • External agent behind the order and regularity is God
      • Tenant- English philosopher and theologian
        • Aesthetic argument
          • Based on beauty of nature
          • Humans are able to appreciate beauty- not necessary for survival.
            • did not occur through natural selection
          • beauty is the product of a creative designer-GOD!!
        • Anthropic principle
          • Based on natures suitability for life.
          • Natural laws of the universe have been 'fine tuned' allowing human life to exist.
          • universe seems to have been structured so that the development of human life is inevitable.
          • If the laws of nature were slightly different humans wouldn't exist.
      • Swinburne- British philosopher of religion.
        • two types of order
          • special order
            • 'regularities of co-precense' e.g complex structures of plants and animals
          • Temporal order
            • 'regularities of succession' e.g- newton's laws
    • Against


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