Desertification of the Sahel

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  • Desertification in the Sahel
    • Location
      • It covers Mali and Niger
      • It covers 1/5 of Africa
      • It touches the Southern border of the Sahara desert
    • Causes
      • Low, unreliable rainfall
        • Due to geographical location: landlocked and by the equator
      • Poor farming techniques
        • The land isn't allowed to rest so nutrients aren't reintroduced into the soil
        • Overgrazing
        • Overcultivation
      • War: it damages the soil
      • Deforestation
        • A lack of evapo-transpiration
      • Climate change
        • Global warming
    • Consequence
      • 24000 have died of starvation
        • As farmers can't produce big enough yields of crops
      • Mass migration
      • Duststorms, pollution and poor quality water
      • Poor biodiversity
      • $42 billion has been lost
      • Political instability and war
      • The locals have to rely on aid from the UN
    • Prevention
      • Planting perennial plants
      • Stone lines
      • Green belts
      • GM crops
        • They can withstand the desert condiitons
      • Agro forestry
    • Results
      • Desertification has stopped
      • Biodiversity has decreased
      • It has boosted the economy


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