The Sahal: Desertification

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  • The Sahal: Desertification
    • Location
      • directly south of the Sahara desert
      • northern Africa
      • advancing up to 6km per year
        • the desert is 3,000 miles long
          • 10-15 cm of rain in July and August- 30 drought
            • 8-9 months without rain
              • turns land infertile and into sand
    • facts on desterts
      • rainfall is confined to 1/2 months of the year
        • a dessert is a piece of land that receives less then 250mm of rain per annum
      • a drought is when an area  receives less then the  expected  amount of   rainfall, not  low/no rainfall
      • destertification is where an area is sperading
    • causes
      • climate change
        • rainfall levels decrease
          • droughts more common
          • no water
            • vegetation dries up
              • desserts form
      • population growth
        • birth rates increase
          • high demand for supplies
            • deforestation
              • land prone to erosion
      • overgrazing
        • livestock graze on land
          • numbers increase
            • too many animals, not enough grass
          • cattle, goats & sheep
    • solutions
      • built lines of stones to try and catch rainfall which  is stored for crops
        • most effective as the water is preserved and the wall is cheap and easy to install/ maintain
          • benifits people and crops
            • there is no limit on how people work
              • so no money is lost
      • built a green belt
      • use drought tolerant  animals like camels
  • loss of vegetation causes land to become infertile and dry
    • too many animals, not enough grass
    • = Sand / desert


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