Describe 2 Explanations of Sleep

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  • Describe Explanations of 2 Sleep Disorders
    • Narcolepsy
      • Biological
        • It seems that  biological factors are able to explain the onset of narcolepsy, whilst it hasn't yet been discovered that there are other prominent factors involved
        • Orexin is an NTM that helps maintain wakefulness. Researchers have found that narcoleptics had a lack of orexin producing cells in the hypothalamus
        • Other research found that narcoleptics had low levels of orexin in their cerebrospinal fluid, this also suggests that narcolepsy is linked to a malfunction in the orexin system.
        • It is unclear what causes the O malfunction, one theory is that the IS may destroy some of the orexin producing cells; causing N; suggesting N is an autoimmune disease
        • It has also been suggested that genetic factors could have a role to play in O malfunction through the study of twins and concordance between twins.
    • Insomnia
      • 1) Biological
        • Insomnia may have bio.causes, whether due to abnormal brain function linked to the basal ganglia or genetic factors. Another bio. factor which could lead to insomnia is hyper-arousal; the sympathetic branch of the ANS being constantly active - both awake and asleep
      • 2) Cognitive
        • Research shows that people mau be more likely to develop insomnia if they are anxious or often worry about problems, and the way that they perceive stressors. People often develop insomnia when they encounter stresses and challenges in their environment such as family conflict.


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