Depth Study 1

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  • Depth Study 1
    • 1375
      • Edward III dies and his 10 year old grandson becomes King Richard II
      • 1381
        • Peasants Revolt, Richard II able to diffuse tensions
        • 1382
          • Richard Marries Anne of Bohemia
          • 1383
            • William de la Pole appointed as chancellor and duke of Suffolk (unpopular as he was French)
            • 1385
              • July: the king leads his first military campaign against Scotland, however stops mid way which lead to the quarrel with John of Gaunt
              • 1386
                • October: "Wonderful Parliament" impeaches de la Pole
                • 1388
                  • 'The Merciless Parliament' tried de la Pole and de Vere along with other favorites for treason despite the kings opposition to this.
                  • 1389
                    • John of Gaunt returns to England
                    • 1396
                      • Richard II betrothed to Isabella of France, who was the seven year old daughter of the French king, this ensured a 28 year agreement of truce with France in the 100 years war.
                      • 1397
                        • Earl of Gloucester, Warwick and Arundel arrested for treason, Gloucester dies at Calais, Warwick imprisoned and Arundel arrested.
                        • 1398
                          • Bolingbroke exiled
                          • 1399
                            • May: Richard makes his next military expedition to Ireland, June-Jule: Henry Bolingbroke invades England, 13 October:Henry's Coronation
                            • 1400
                              • January: Epiphany Uprising, Richards loyalists attempt to kill Bolingbroke. February: Richard II died, publicly murdered. September: Owain Glyndwr leads Welsh Rebellion
                              • 1403
                                • Hotspurs rebellion, rebels defeated and Hotspur killed at Shrewsbury.
                                • 1405: Archbishop Scropes rebellion.


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