Depression, Phobias and OCD

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  • Depression, Phobias and OCD
    • Phobias
      • Characteristics
        • Behavioural
          • How a person acts around the phobic object
            • Freezing, fainting, avoidance
        • Cognitive
          • How a person's cognitive state changes when anxious
            • Resistance to rational arguments, aware that the fear is irrational
        • Emotional
          • How a person feels when experiencing anxiety
            • Fear, panic, anxiety, restlessness
      • Phobias are anxiety disorders
      • There are three categories of phobias
        • Agoraphobia
        • Social Phobias
        • Specific Phobia
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
      • It consists of obsessions and compulsions
      • Characteristics
        • Cognitive
        • Behavioural
          • How a persons behaviour changes to and reduce anxiety
            • Hand washing, locking things, hair pulling
        • Emotional
          • How a person's emotional state changes when anxious
            • Depressed, shame, disgust, embarrassed
      • There are three other types
        • Trichotillomania
        • Horading
        • Excoriation Disorder
    • Depression
      • It is a mood affective disorder
      • Characteristics
        • Behavioural
          • How a person's behaviour changes
            • Reduced energy, insomnia, restless, appetite changes
        • Emotional
          • How a person's emotional state changes
            • Feeling "worthless/empty", boredom, repetition, lonely
        • Cognitive
          • How a person's cognitive state changes
            • Negative view of the world, irrational beliefs, negative self perception
      • There are four main types
        • Major Depressive Disorder
        • Persistent Depressive Disorder
        • Mood Deregulation Disorder
        • Premenstrual Tension + Post-natal Depression


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