Depression characteristics

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  • Depression
    • Behavioural aspects
      • Activity levels change. People may have reduced energy, meaning they can't get out of bed, or they may have the opposite and can't rest at all .
      • Behaviours such as sleeping and eating are affected. Diet fluctuates.
      • They often display high aggression which impacts their life. For example, they may quit a job out of aggression. They may self harm and have suicide attempts.
    • Emotional aspects
      • Lowered mood is a key emotional characteristic. "Worthless and empty"  are key words
      • Also experience anger  after sadness and also have a lowered self esteem
    • Cognitive aspects
      • Depression sufferers often suffer from poor concentration compared to before. Decisions seem harder than before.
      • Often dwell on the negatives. Glass half empty. Dwells more on bad memorys.


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