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  • Depression
    • What?
      • Mental illness characterized by low mood and aversion to activity
      • Affects a persons thoughts, feelings, behaviour and sense of wellbeing
      • Sadness a normal human emotion. Triggered by something, fades over time
      • Depression an abnormal emotional state, affecting emotions/ perception/ behaviour all the time
    • Behavioural characteristics
      • Activity levels- lethargic or psychomotor agitation (restless)
      • Always in bed or insomnia
      • Increased or decreased appetite
      • Aggression or self harm
    • Emotional characteristics
      • Lowered mood- self description of 'worthless' or 'empty'
      • Anger directed at self or others
      • Lowered self esteem, can lead to self hatred
    • Cognitive characteristics
      • Poor concentration
      • Dwelling on negative
      • Black and white thinking


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