Demonstrative Adjectives

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  • Demonstrative Adjectives
    • Use to indicate a specific noun or nouns
    • They can be used in place of articles
    • They must agree with the nouns they modify
      • Singular masculine = ce/cet
      • Singular feminine = cette
      • Plural masc. and fem. = ces
        • "Ce" becomes "cet" in front of a vowel sound for euphony
    • Means "this", "that", "these" and "those
    • Used in place of an article, not with one
    • Placed directly in front of a noun or adjective + noun
    • Always modify specific, named nouns
    • Demonstrative adjective + noun can be replaced by a demonstrative pronoun
    • "Ce" can mean "this" or "that". When you need to make the distinction, you can attach a suffix to the noun:
      • "-ci" = "this" or "these"
      • -là = "that" or "those"


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