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  • Democrats
    • Progressive/ Liberal Democrats
      • Foreign policy
        • More ethical foreign policy which does not just support American power and interests
        • A limit to foreign military involvements
          • Obama refused to commit American military power in the Libyan crisis and has been reluctant to involve the USA in the Syrian crisis
      • Social liberalism
        • A woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion or contraception
        • Equal rights for women in society
        • No formal prayers in school
        • Relaxing limits on immigration
        • Equality for homosexuals including gay marriage
        • Opposing the death penalty
        • Racial equality and pro multicultural society
        • Gun control
      • Economic and welfare progressivism
        • Should provide basic welfare for those who cannot afford to look after themselves
          • This includes universal healthcare for all
        • Should be a progressive tax system to pay for the welfare and health policies
        • There is a role for the government to improve the lives of Americans especially the poor and worst off
        • Pro green and environmental issues like reducing carbon emissions
        • Capitalist system is the basis of the American economy but has flaws that need correcting
      • Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, Obama
    • The New Democrats
      • Less emphasis on social liberalism
      • A more aggressive foreign policy
      • Pioneer was Bill Clinton
      • Tax cuts to allow people to keep more of their money
      • Probable Democratic candidate 2016 Hilary Clinton
      • Welfare reform to reduce government welfare, make it harder for people to claim benefits and force them back to work
    • Right
      • Blue Dog Democrats are only found in the Southern states of the Bible belt
        • From the time before the 1980s when the Democrats dominated the south
      • More fiscal and social conservatives
      • Not much influence


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