A good and detailed compilation of definitions of types of democracy and their feautures.

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  • Democracy
    • Types of democracy
      • Pluralist
        • Competition between parties and political associations.
        • Tolerance for different political beliefs.
        • Sources of independant information and opinion through media.
        • Power is dispersed among different individuals, bodies and institutions rather than concentrated in one or a few locations.
      • Direct
        • People themselves make decisions, usually through referendums.
        • People are directley consulted on political decisions.
        • People may take the initiative in creating political change.
      • Liberal
        • Has all features of democracy plus:
          • Individual liberties are respected and well protectd.
          • Strong constitution that limits government powers
          • Government features strong internal checks and balances
          • High level of political toleration.
          • EXAMPLE: Germany
      • Representative
        • People elect representatives.
        • delegate the power of decision making to representatives.
        • Political parties represent different political views.
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    • Legitimacy
      • "The right to govern"
      • A regime may be legitimate because its government is widley recognised.
      • Can refer to the dregree to which a body or government can be justified in exercising power.
      • Confirmed by election.
        • 2012 coalition lacked legitimacy as it did not have an electoral mandate.


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