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  • Democracy
    • Direct
      • People make the decisions and are the government
      • Weaknesses: Impractical, lack of professionals, few experts, risk of mob rule
      • Strengths: genuine democracy, personal development, legitimate government
    • Indirect
      • Operates through elections and representatives
      • Weaknesses: Lacks accountability, minority vies not heard, MP's lack common touch
      • Strengths: Encourages competition and development of pluralism, representatives may be better informed experts
    • UK Democracy
      • Elections
        • 1 person, 1 vote, secret ballot, competition between parties,universal adult suffrage
      • Referendums
        • Allows more direct ppt
      • European Parliament
        • EU law and UK sovereignty
      • Pressure groups
        • Representation, political ppt, education, policy formation, policy implementation
      • Devolution
        • Some powers devolved to other bodies (i.e. Scottish parliament )
      • Parliament
        • Legislative role, representative, scrutiny and oversight, legitimacy




great mindmap. very helpful

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