Participation and democracy

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    • political theory
      • Elitism
        • the idea a small amount of elites the economic and policy plannings of the government.
      • Pluralism
        • pluralism is the belief that power should be spread through different groups of power to have true democracy, it sees diversity of political institution like pressure groups as beneficial as voices are being heard.
    • Types of democracy
      • Casual Representation
        • Not representing people but ideas, principles and values, mostly carried out by pressure groups for things typically like environmental health or rights and freedom
      • functional Representatin
        • MPs not only represent a constituency but also a social group i.e elderly or LGBT
      • Represent the national interest
        • All MP's intentions should be for benefiting not just their local area but the whole country eg a new airport would be disruptive for one community but benefits all of England
      • Party Representaton
        • All Mps represent a party manifesto
      • Constituency representation
        • Locals elect them for their regionthey have the interest of all the community, individual members and they listen to them (redress of grievances
    • Efforts to reform Suffrage
      • Votes at 16
        • Benefitsyoung people more informed nowincrease voter turnouttheir old enough to have children be married and join army
        • Give 16 and 17yr olds the vote
        • ConToo impressionable18-24 have low turnoutnot as well educatedissues to complex for us
      • Compulsory voting
        • Benefits>Increases voter turnout>better representatiomake voter turnout like 90% which would fix participation crisiks
        • Make voting compulsory and if you do not opt out of voting you get fined
        • ConsPeople will feel forced and like its a burden so they do not want to votebias to big parties
      • Digital voting
        • make voting on an app or online
        • Cons easier to hack or fraud voting
        • Benefitsweekend voting is easiermore people will do it as easierless effort involved


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