Democracy and participation

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  • Democracy and participation
    • Legitimacy
      • The rightful use of power in accordance with preset criteria or widely-held agreement
    • Direct democracy
      • All individuals express their opinions themselves and not through an elected official on their behalf. Referendums.
    • Representative democracy
      • A more modern form of democracy where an elected official represents people and makes decisions on their behalf
    • Pluralist democracy
      • A type of democracy in which a government makes decisions as a result of the interpplay of various ideas from contrasting groups and arguments.
    • Democratic deficit
      • A flaw in the democratic system where decisions are taken by those who lack legitimacy, not having been appointed with sufficient democratic authority or accountability
    • Participation crisis
      • A lack of engagement by a significant number or group of people to relate to the political prrocess. Could be by abstaining from voting or a lack of party membership
    • Franchise / suffrage
      • The ability to vote in public elections and referendums
    • Think tanks
      • A body of experts brought together to collectively focus on a certain topic to investigate and offer solutions to economic, social and political issues
    • Lobbyists
      • Paid by clients to try and influence the government and MPs and members of the HOL to act in their interests.


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