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  • DEMOCRACY = Any system of government where the people have access to independent information and are able to influence government decisions. Also implies that government makes itself accountable to the people.
    • access to independent information, including free press and other media
    • accountable to the people and representative institutions
    • peaceful transition of power
    • free and fair regular elections
    • high degree of freedom all round
    • different political ideologies and beliefs are tolerated
    • all equal under the law
    • government operates in the broad interests of the people
      • people make decisions - usually through referendums
        • EU REFENDUM 23RD JUNE 2016  - LEAVE - 52%-48%
      • people directly consulted on political decisions
      • people take political action - protest/ strike
      • the people elect MPs to represent them
      • people delegate their power to their chosen MP
        • MP is granted legitimacy through local election
        • Theresa May for Maidenhead since 1997
      • pressure groups and associations represent different sections of society, interests and causes
        • RSPB - over 1m members and biggest in UK
        • Fathers for Justice
        • ASH
      • different political parties representing different political views
        • pluralist democracy
      • there are representative assemblies that express the will of the people of sections of society
        • Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
      • you legit have the right to govern and make laws
      • conveyed by election
        • can argue that the UK government lacks legitimacy because its election on minority of national vote - winner takes all
          • 2015 - the conservative party gained 37% of popular vote with a 66% turnout :- 73% of voters didn't want conservative in power and 44% not voting had the power to change outcome
      • the degree in which a body or person is justified in exercising power
      • the evidence that the people consent to be governed in a particular way by a particular party
      • free elections
      • good turnouts
      • distinct lack of popular dissent
      • clear demonstrations of support for the government
      • an explicit referendum to adopt a particular constitution
      • the status of being a citizen grants a person the enjoyment of certain rights
        • right to vote
        • right to stand for office
        • fair trial if accused of a crime
        • treated equally by the law
        • to be guaranteed justice
      • citizenship implies the employment of civil liberties
        • freedom of expressionetc
      • also carries certain duties and obligations
        • pay taxes, obey the law


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