Dement and Kleitman

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  • Dement & Kleitman
    • To investigate the relationship between REM and dreaming
    • 9 adults
      • 5 studied intensively
      • 7 male, 2 female
      • Culture specific
    • Slept & observed in a lab
      • Eye movents and brain waves were recorded using EOG & EEG
      • Woken by bell at their heads in intervals, either in NREM and REM
      • Asked to speak into a recorder to report if they had been dreaming, content if they had and how long they were dreaming for (5 or 15mins)
      • Woken in episodes of vertical or horizontal eye movement & asked to describe
      • No caffeine or alcohol
    • Laboratory Experiment
    • Observation, self-report and correlational analysis


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