Delegated Legislation

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  • Delegated Legislation
    • Defintion
      • DL is a law made by some person or body other than Parliament
      • Parliament has delegated the authority to make law to 3 main bodies
      • The authority of making a DL is given by Parliament through a statute know as a Parent or Enabling act.
    • Bye-Laws
      • These are made by the local authorites
      • They can be made by local authorities to cover matters in their own area
      • They can be made by certain companies. E.G. Mersey rail.
    • Statutory Instruments
      • Made by Government ministers
      • given the authority to make regulations in their particular area
      • E.G. Minister for Transport Act.
    • Orders in Council
      • These are made by the Queen and Privy council.
        • Privy council is made up of the prime minister and other leading members of the Government.
      • These allow the government to make laws without going through Parliament
      • They are used for making a law in an emergency and also used to transfer power between the government.
      • E.G. Emergency powers Act.


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