Delegated Legislation

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  • Delegated Legislation
    • Orders in Council
      • Who?
        • Her Majesty's Privy Council
      • Impact?
        • Amend or update existing laws
        • Bring Acts or part of Acts into force
        • Allow EU Directives (laws) to be put into effect
        • Make laws in emergency situations when Parliament aren't sitting
      • Example
        • Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 was amended by an Order in 2003 to reduce cannabis to class C. in 2008 another Order amended it back to class B
    • Statutory Instruments (SI's)
      • Who/What?
      • Can be very long and short.
        • Short
          • change to minimum wage
        • Long
          • proving additional details e.g. building regs
      • Passed through affirmative or negative resolution
        • affirmative - Parliament vote in favour
        • negative - no vote required
      • Impact?
        • Update laws
        • Issue commencement  orders
        • Add details to Acts
      • Example
        • Road Traffic Act 1988 relating to seat belts - The Motor Vehicles (Wearing of Seat Belts) (Amendment) Regulations 2006
    • By-Laws
      • Who?
        • Local authorities
          • Other bodies as well such as railway companies
      • Effects the local area
      • Example
        • Banning drinking in certain areas
        • Dog fouling/walking restrictions


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