Delegated Legislation

Statutoty interpretations

Orders in Council


For more on the delegated topic see: Advantages and Disdavantages of DL and Controls of DL.

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  • Delegated Legislation
    • Orders in council
      • Approved by Queen and privy council
        • Leading members of government and the PM
      • Doesn't go through the legislative process of parliament
      • Can dissolve parliament
      • Bring an act into force
      • Reorganise responsibilities in parliament
      • Times of emergency
        • Afghanistan Order
      • Misuse of Drugs act
        • Reclassify cannabis
    • Statutory interpretation
      • Made by government ministers and departments
        • Under authority of the enabling act
          • The Railways act 2005
        • Drafted by government departments
          • Approval by ministers
            • E.G. Minister of Justice
              • PACE
        • Update Law
          • National minimum wage
        • Implement directives from EU
        • Short, 3000 made each year
    • By laws
      • Local authorites
        • Own area
          • Lancashire County Council
        • Parking restrictions, drinking.
      • Public Coperations
        • Regulate behaviour
        • Boddington V British Transport
          • Can be enforced
      • Enabling act
        • Local Government Act


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