Desmond Dekker- You Can Get It If You Really Want

- Harmony - Melody - Texture - Structure - Tonality - Rhythm and Metre - Performing Forces and Handling

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  • Dekker
    • Harmony
      • Mostly based on three diatonic primary chords of D flat major
      • Verses use wider range of chords- chord 3 of F minor and dominant chords, plus dominant 7th chords (Bars 24-25)
      • Instrumental section uses 'unrelated chords' (E and D major) in non-functional parallel harmony passage
      • Use of barre chords (on guitar- sliding same chord shape up fret)
    • Melody
      • Main hook uses 3 pitch figure
      • Use pentatonic scale
      • Most phrases are 2 bars long
      • Word setting is mostly syllabic but with short melismas (Bar 12- 'try')
      • Many phrases begin on second beat of bar
    • Texture
      • Voices are homorhythmic in choruses
      • Homophonic textures in rhythm section to support vocals
      • Instrumental part has riff in unison then harmonises in rhythmic unison- homorhythmic texture
      • Opening has trumpets in unison, then in thirds
    • Structure
      • Verse-chorus structure with intro and middle 8 instrumental section
      • Intro, Chorus 1, Verse 1, Chorus 2, Verse 2, Chorus 3, Instrumental, Chorus 4, Coda/Fade
    • Tonality
      • D flat major throughout without modulations
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Strong quadruple rhythm- strong emphasis on backbeat (2 and 4)
      • Medium slow tempo
      • Syncopated (all instruments at the start)
      • Drum fills with triplet semiquavers
      • Bass is played on the beat
      • Steady quaver rhythms threatened by triplet crotchets at word 'try'
    • Performing Forces and Handling
      • Close harmony at start
      • Lead vocals use falsetto (during fade out)
      • Parallel harmonies in saxes
      • Improvisation in lead vocals
      • Drum plays fills at end of phrases
      • Bass drum and snare play backbeat rhythm
      • Tambourine semiquavers create extra excitement




nice and clear - easy to share information.



This should help with revision for my 2 hour music exam tomorrow



sorry to ask but do you have this mindmap in a non queer version?

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