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    • Le Bon 1895
      • An individual is transformed when part of a crowd
        • In a crowd = Anonymity, suggestibility and contagion = COLLECTIVE MIND
          • = loss of self control and capable of acting in a  way that goes against social or personal norms
    • The nature of Denindividuation
      • Low self evaluation and deceased concern about evaluation by others
        • Increased behaviour which would normally be inhibited by the person
      • Factors which contribute to deindividuation
        • ANONYMITY
        • Can be a positive things such as at music festivals
    • Process of Deindivuation
      • Reduces inner constraints
      • Can diminish awareness
        • faceless and anonymous in large crowds
        • removed sense of fear of negative evaluation
        • reduced sense of guilt
    • Research into deindivduation
      • Zimbardo 1969 Prison experiment
        • Men volunteered to take part, they were arrested at their houses and taken to police station then to the basement of Stanford University
          • Their identities were taken away as they were given uniforms to either be a prison guard or a prisoner
            • Behaved extremely aggressively and after the study which was stopped early after 6 days said they could'nt believe they acted so aggressively
      • Milgram's shock study
        • participant asked to shock confederate when they got an answer wrong
        • Because there was a veil of identity 65%  administered the 450v shock and only 1 person refused to go past the 300v
    • Evaluation
      • Zimbardo's study:
        • They could have acted aggressivley because of local group norms
          • Because they associate more aggressive behaviour with that of a prison guard
            • However if they were dressed as nurses- like they were in one study done by a researcher they would not act as aggressively
              • Therefore is it de individuation or the situation they find themselves in and the norms they believe are correct for certain roles so they act in certain ways
      • Milgram's study
        • In lab conditions
          • Therefore cant be generalised to everyone
            • Also the fact it only used males so cant be generalised to females/ wider population
    • RWA/ IDA
      • Issue of gender bias over research.
        • Most studies use males however cannavale found women repsond differenlty to deindivudation
          • Milgram and zimbardo used males
            • So cant be generalised to females
      • RWA: Baiting of crowds with suicide jumpers
        • Mann 1981. Deindividuated mob. 21 suicide leaps. 10 of them had a baiting crowd
          • tended to occur at night, large crowds. therefore this created de individuation.


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