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  • Deindividuation
    • AO1
      • LeBon
        • Anonimity + suggestibility + contagion = deindividuation
          • individual looses self control and acts against personal/social norms
      • Zimbardo
        • its more than anonymity.
          • reduced responsibility, increaced arousal, sensory overload and altered conciousness (by drugs alchol etc)
      • Festinger et al
        • to explain large anonymous group increasing in antisocial behaviour than their own.
          • loose sense of personal identity + inhibitations of violence when wearing uniform.
    • AO2
      • Rehm etal
        • school children in teams of 5.
          • team 1 wore normal gym gear
          • team 2 wore orange bibs
        • found those in bibs were more aggressive
      • Zimbardo
        • 4 groups of female undergraduates.
          • 1/2 females = hoodies/never reffered to by name/ isolated enviroment
          • 1/2 females wore normal clothes +name tags and saw the person they were "aiding"
        • Aid learning  in shocks
        • found that deindividuised females shocked for twice as long
    • AID
      • Nature vs Nurture
        • ignores biological explinations
          • Dabbs et al (prison study +found men with higher testosterone were more violent)
      • Application
        • "baiting the crowd"
          • police reduce the crowd in order to prevent suicide


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