Defying Gravity - Tempo/Rhythm/Meter, Harmony, Melody, Tonality, Structure and Texture

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  • Defying Gravity
    • Melody
      • The text setting is syllabic throughout with rhythms moving in a speech-like manner.
      • There is vocalisation at the end in bar 175 to the word ‘aah’.
      • The melody starts in a conjunct/stepwise manner.
      • Bars 6 and 7 show an ascending sequence.
      • The verse and chorus combine conjunct and wide angular leaps in the melodic line
      • Leaps often feature a rising perfect fifth (e.g. bar 34). There are some exceptionally large leaps such as a compound perfect fourth (e.g. bars 39–40) and a compound perfect fifth (e.g. bars 140–141).
    • Texture
      • The opening shows a sparse texture with punctuating instrumental chord stabs (e.g. bar 1) with some monophonic unaccompanied bars (e.g. bar 3).
      •  In the verses there is a melody and accompaniment or melody-dominated homophony texture where the singer is accompanied by chords in the orchestra.
      • There are homophonic chordal moments (e.g. bar 132).
      • Elphaba and Glinda usually sing separately but sometimes sing together in unison (e.g. bar 101) or in harmony such as thirds (e.g. bar 127).
      • Ostinato accompaniment at bar 88 with repeated semiquavers
      • The ending is contrapuntal with three different musical ideas with different lyrics (e.g. bar 168). 
    • Tonality


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