Defying Gravity: Structure

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  • Defying Gravity: Structure
    • Bars 1–19 Free tempo (colla voce) recitative-like Duet between Glinda and Elphaba with a combination of spoken dialogue and singing. Orchestral chord stabs at start with sparse monophonic moments, accompaniment becomes chordal and sustained
    • Bars 20–48 Andante Verse bar 34 Homophonic chordal opening moving through different major keys. Legato, conjunct melody. The verse contains tremolo strings with
    • Bar 49–87 Allegro Chorus bar 50 Verse bar 63 Chorus bar 79 The title hook leaping melody is sung over broken chord accompaniment and driving hi-hat rhythms. Next Glinda sings a crotchet triplet-based melody before Elphaba takes over with a syncopated version of the verse, which leads into the chorus
    • Bar 88–102 Moderato A contrasting section in the new key of G major with both characters singing a new melody in unison over semiquaver accompaniment
    • Bar 162–177 Andante to Maestoso Build up to full tutti finale, in B minor at bar 168 with Elphaba, Glinda, ensemble chorus and orchestra in counterpoint with different musical lines and lyrics.
    • Bar 129–161 Allegro Verse bar 135 Chorus bar 151 Climax of the song with full orchestra and loud dynamic. Opens with the homophonic chordal music which leads into an extended version of the verse at a higher register and with developed melodic and rhythmic ideas. There is a reprise of the chorus
    • Bar 111–128 Andante Homophonic chordal music from earlier which leads into the recitative-like music of the opening
    • Bar 103–110 Allegro Chorus bar 103 Return to D major for the chorus sung by both characters, opening in unison with strong piano accompaniment


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