Deforestation and Destruction of Peat Bogs

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  • Deforestation and the Destruction of Peat Bogs
    • Destroying Peat Bogs adds more CO2 into the atmosphere
      • Bogsa re areas of land that are acidic and waterlogged . Partly rotted plants build up to form peat (they don't fully decay due to abscence of O2)
      • Stores of carbon
      • Often drained to be used as farmland, and peat cut up and dried for fuel
      • Peat starts to decompose once bogs are drained so CO2 is released- adds to greenhouse affect
      • Use peat-free composts for gardens to reduce demand for peat
    • Deforestation is done to..
      • Provide timber for building
      • To clear land for farming (more food or grow crops for biofuels)
      • Produce paper from wood
    • Problems with deforestation
      • More methane in the atmposhere- e.g cattle produce methane
      • More CO2 in the atmosphere- when trees are burnt, microorganisms feeding on dead wood release CO2 during respiration
      • Less CO2 taken in- photosynthesis reduced
      • Reduced biodiversity; may species in a habit becoming extinct. Lost oppurtunities- e.g things for medicine lost.
        • Biodiversity= a variety of species in a habitat


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