Deforestation & Peat Bogs

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  • Deforestation & Peat Bogs
    • Deforestation
      • Cutting down of forrests
        • Provide materials
          • Timber
            • building material
          • Paper
        • Clear more land
          • Farming
            • Food
              • Provide materials
                • Timber
                  • building material
                • Paper
      • Leads to 4 problems
        • More methane in the atmosphere
          • Production of rice
            • Rice is grown in warm waterlogged conditions
              • Ideal for decomposers which produce methane
          • Cattle farming
        • More Co2 in the Atmosphere
          • released when trees are burnt
            • microorganism feed off wood and release Co2 as part of respiration
        • Less Biodiversity
          • The more trees we cut down the fewer animals have shelter and food so they don't reproduce and become extinct
        • Less Co2 to take in
          • Cutting down trees means less Co2 is made from photosynthesis
    • Peat bogs
      • Areas of acidic and waterlogged land
      • Animals don't decay in peat bogs
        • Not enough oxygen
      • Carbon stored in the plants is stored as peat instead of being released into the atmosphere
      • Often drained
        • so the land can be used for farming
        • peat starts to decompose when bogs are drained so the Co2 is released
      • used to make fuel or compost


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