Deforestation in Malaysia

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  • Deforestation in Malaysia
    • Impacts
      • Reduces biodiversity with losses of undiscovered plants and their medical potential
      • Exposes the ground to soil erosion by wind and rain
      • Impacts local and global climate by reducing photosynthesis, transpiration and the cooling effect of evaporation - more water & higher temp
    • Economic losses and gains
      • Losses
        • Rainforest tourism could decrease
        • Fire pollutesand destroys vast ares of valuable forest
        • Climate change could have economic costs
        • Rising temps could devestate farming
      • Gains
        • Job creation
        • Tax revenue used to supply public services
        • Improved transport Infrastructure - benefits development and tourism
        • HEP is cheap and plentiful
        • Minerals are valuable
    • Threats to Rainforests
      • Logging
        • Destructive clear felling has been replaced by selective logging of mature trees
      • Mineral extraction
        • Tin mining is established and drilling for oil and gas has started
      • Population pressure
        • Poor people from urban areas have been encouraged to moved into the countryside
      • Commercial farming
        • Malaysia is the largest exporter of palm oil in the world
      • Substinance farming
        • Growing crops and raising livestock for one's own use, without surplus for trade


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