deforestation in the amazon

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  • deforestation-amazon
    • area of around 8mil. km squared (3 x uk))lost to deforestation since 1978
    • due to population growth and migration the govournment offers land in the forest to poor people from over crowded cities
    • many more farmers and people who have no land are opening up more areas of the forest
    • the amazon stores 100billion tonnes of carbon dioxide which will be released due to deforestation
    • brazil could end up losing 55million tonnes of topsoil due to soil erosion per year caused by soy farming
    • 65-70% commercial (cattle) ranching
    • 20-25% substinence farming
    • 5-10% commercial (soy) farming
    • 2-3% logging/ illegal logging
    • 1-2% other activites, mineral extraction, roads, energy, new settlements
    • deveolpment provides wealth for poor places
    • farming provided a lot of money for the economy in 2008. $9billion came from cattle trading alone
    • second biggest exporter of soy beans in the world
    • mining industry creates jobs. the buenaventura mining company in Peru employs 3100 people
    • logging provides a huge amount of $$$$
    • rubbertappers who extract rubber have lost livelihoods due to trees being cut down
  • environmental imapcts
  • causes of deforestation
  • economic impacts


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