Deforestation and Areas of Peat

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  • Deforestation
    • Large-scale deforestation in tropical areas, for TIMBER and to provide land for AGRICULTURE has
      • Increased release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
        • Due to the burning, machinery  and microbe activity
      • Reduced rate at which carbon dioxide is removed from atmosphere and 'locked up' for many years as wood
    • Deforestation leads to reduction in biodiversity
      • As animal habitats are also destroyed due to it
    • Destruction of Peat Bogs
      • [And other areas of peat]
        • Releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
    • Deforestation has occurred so that:
      • Crops can be grown from which biofuels (based on ethanol) can be produced
      • There can be an increase in cattle and rice fields to provide more food
        • These produce methane
          • Methane levels in the atmosphere are increasing.


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