definitons for our world

definitions of key terms for our world unit in the GCSE RE exam this can also be used for life!!!

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  • definitons for our world
    • soul
      • A non physical part of human nature
        • part of you that lives on after death
          • goes to heaven or hell
            • makes you unique
              • helps people relate to god
                • spiritual part of a person
                  • reflection of the image of god in humans
    • stewardship
      • looking after the planet and all that is on it (who inhabbit it)
        • ruling over everyone in a caring fair and responsible way
          • acting as a steward for god
            • god owns earth
    • humanity
      • compassion for others
        • caring for others through prayers and actions
    • creation
      • a unique design planned and designed
        • god purposelfully created the world from nothing t is seen as finished "good"
          • stewardshp is also a part of creation


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