Unit Two Psychology-Abnormality

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  • Definitions for abnormality
    • deviating from social norms
      • someone who does not conform to social norms if an individuals behaviour makes others feel uncomfortable
      • views on what is normal changes over time, eg homosexualiy was classified as a psychiatric disorder in American until the 1960s
      • behaviour must be judged within the nature of the environment
      • behaviour must be judged within a particular culture e.g in England it is normal for women to have equal rights than men but in other cultures this is abnormal
    • failure to function adequately
      • people who cannot cope with the demands such as getting up, going to work and looking after themselves
      • failure to function adequately may not be the fault if the individual, for example, in some economic conditions certain subcultures may find it hard to provide for their family and themselves
      • behaviour must be judged in the nature of its context
      • people who suffer from psychological disorders can hold down jobs
      • (Rosenhan and sleigman)
    • deviation from ideal mental health
      • when a person only has a few of the aspects of optimum living they are classified abnormal
        • these include: self actualisation, self confidence, resistance to stress, accurate perception of reality
        • (Johoba)
      • very few people ould meet the criteria meaning most of the population would be classified abnormal
      • based on western societies views on achievement and growth
      • there is no agreemnat on how much a person can deviate before being abnormal
      • criteria can change from day to day


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