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  • definitions
    • tidal volume
      • the volume of air in a breath
    • inspiratory reserve volume
      • the maximum volume of air inhaled
    • expiratory reserve volume
      • maximum volume of air expired
    • residual volume
      • amount of air left in the lung affter maximal expiratory
    • total lung capacity
      • vitalal capacity plus the residual
    • vital capacity
      • maximum air exhaled with force
    • breathing rate
      • increases during demand for oxygen
    • hypertrophy
      • increase in size of the fast twitch muscle fibres
    • cardiac drift
      • the increase in the heart rate during exersise
    • myoglobin
      • the muscle content increases after exersise
    • stroke volume
      • amount of blood pumped in a heart-beat
    • cardiac output
      • amount of blood pumped in a minute
  • the volume of air in a breath


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