Definitions of abnormality-Statistical deviation

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  • Definitions of Abnormality-Statistical Deviation/Infrequency
    • Occurs when an individual has a less common characteristic
      • For example being more depressed or less intelligent then most of the population
    • What is normal and abnormal can be easily explained by how often it occurs or is seen to happen
    • Uses statistical data to identify abnormal behaviour
    • This definition deals with characteristics that can be reliably measured
    • Intellectual disability disorder-Impaired cognitive functioning that is apparent in childhood. Must include some elements of lack of normal functioning
    • Normal distribution curve-allows it to plot the mean and how far away(Standard deviation)it is from centre point
    • Real-life application-STRENGTH-Diagnosis of Intellectual disability disorder -Clinical assessment- Measures severe symptoms
    • Unusual characteristics-LIMITATION-Just because very few people display super-intelligence with IQ 130 or below 70 doesnt mean its undesirable characteristic and needs treatment therefore cannot use this alone to make diagnosis
    • Labelled -LIMITATION -abnormal because of having low IQ when living a perfectly happy life can effect someone negatively if they get labelled abnormal


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