Definitions of abnormality-Deviation from social norms

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  • Definitions of Abnormality-Deviation from social norms
    • Concerns behaviour that is different from the accepted standards of behaviour in a community or society
    • Deviation from social rules regulating how one should behave
    • Norms are specific to each culture we live in-Few behaviours thet are universal
    • Antisocial personaility disorder-Person is impulsive/aggressive/irresponsible.(DSM-5) one important symptom of it is abscence of prosicial internal standards associated with failure to confrom lawful/culturaly normative ethical behavior
      • Making social judgement that a psycopath is abnormal because they dont conform to our moral standards.
    • Not a sole explanation-LIMITATION Many factors to conside e.g distress to other people resulting from  Antisocial personality disorder.In practice never sole reason
    • Real-life aplication-STRENGTH-applies to real cultures e.g hearing voices may be normal whereas in UK abnormal however seen as a LIMITATION as other cultures label someone from a differnt culture abnormal where in their culture it is normal
    • Can lead to human rights abuse


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