Definitions of abnormality-Deviation from ideal mental health

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  • Definitions of abnormality-Deviation from Ideal mental health
    • Occurs when someone does not meet a set criteria  for good mental health.
    • Jahoda(1958) prposed thet there were six categories that clinicians typically related to mental health.
      • Self-attitudes/Integration/Personal growth/Autonomy/Perception of reality/Environmental mastery
    • Comprehensive definition-STRENGTH-covers large range of criteria for mental health/Jahoda suggest were in good health if we meet the criteria/range of factors discussed in relation to criteria makes good tool to think about mental health
    • Cultural relative-LIMITATION- some criteria is specifically western and north america cultures/Culture bounde.g Concentrating on self not family
    • High standard for mental health- Not everyone will achieve the criteria- make everyone abnormal/positive-benefit from seeking treatment/Negative-Treatment against will


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