Definitions of Abnormality

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  • Definitions of Abnormality
    • Statistical Infrequency
      • If we can define what is most common or 'normal' then we also have an idea of what is abnormal.
      • Mean, median and mode.
      • The abnormal ratings are those at either end of the graph.
    • Deviation from Social Norms
      • Norms created by a group of people.
      • In a society there are standards of acceptable behaviour that are set by the social group and adhered to by those socialised into that group.
      • Anyone who deviates from these social norms is classed as abnormal.
      • Some rules about unacceptable behaviour are implicit whereas others are policed by laws.
    • Deviation from Ideal Mental Health
      • Marie Jahoda pointed out that we define physical illness in part by looking at the absence of signs of physical health.
      • Self attitudes, self-actualisation, integration, autonomy, accurate perception of reality and mastery of the environment.
      • The absence of these criteria indicated abnormality and potential mental disorder.
    • Failure to Function Adequately
      • The 'functioning' refers to just going about day-to-day life such as eating, washing your clothes and being able to communicate.
      • Not functioning adequately causes distress and suffering for the individual and may cause distress to others.
      • There may be situations where a person is coping with everyday life in a 'normal way' - they may just like living in unwashed clothes.


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