Definitions of Abnormality

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  • Definitions of Abnormality-Failure to function adequately
    • Occurs when someone is unable to cope with ordinary demands of day-to-day living.
    • Rosehan and seligman proposed a collection of key features that highlights a person is not able to function adequately/just enough.
      • Suffering/Maladaptiveness/vividness and unconventinality of behaviour/Unpredictibility and Loss of Control/Irrationality and Incomphrhensibility/Observer discomfort/Violation of moral/Ideal standards
    • Patient's perspective-STRENGTH-attempt to include subjective experience of individual/acknowledges experience of patients are important/captures experience of the people who need help.Uesful criteria for assessing abnormality
    • Subjective judgements-Some patients may say they are distressed but may be judged as not suffering-There are methods to make it objective,checklists such as Global Assessment of Functionning Scale.However,the principle remains someone has right to make this judgement


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