Definitions of Abnormality

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  • Definitions of Abnormality
    • There are four definitions of abnormality
      • Statistical Deviation
        • Any usual behaviour can be thought of as normal, and any behaviour that is different to this is abnormal
        • So Statistical Deviation is when an individual has a less common characteristic for example less intelligent than most of the population
        • Example for this is IQ, the majority of human  intelligence will cluster around the mean, going above or below the mean will have less people in that category.
      • Failure to Function Adequately
        • Failure to function adequately occurs when a person is unable to cope with demands of everyday life
        • Someone may be failing to function adequately when they can no longer maintain basic standards of nutrition or hygiene
        • Cant hold down a job or a relationship
      • Deviation from Social Norms
        • So this is just when a person behaves in a way that is different from how we expect people to behave, and groups of people would define this behaviour as abnormal
        • Social Norms will be different for each generation and every culture there are few behaviours which are universally abnormal
          • Homosexuality continues to be viewed as abnormal lin some cultures
      • Deviation from Ideal Mental Health
        • Deviation from ideal mental health occurs when someone does not meet a set of criteria for good mental health
        • Once we have a picture of how we should be then we can identify people who deviate from this
        • Jahoda suggested we are in good mental health if...
          • We Self Actualise
          • Good Self Esteem
          • Independant
          • We can think rationally


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