Defining Abnormality

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  • Defining Abnormality
    • Deviation from Social Norms (DSN)
      • Written rules or accepted ways of behaving
      • Social norms vary over times
      • Unpredictable or observer discomfort
        • May violate ideal and moral standards
        • Difficult to understand
      • Different cultures have different norms
        • Context needs to be taken into account
          • Is not absolute and era dependant (Homosexuality was seen as an illness)
    • Failure to function adequately (FFA)
      • Rosenham and Seligman (1989)
      • Unable to follow everyday behaviour
      • Observer discomfort
        • Unpredictability
          • Irrational
            • Maladptiveness
      • Some disorders don't effect everyday life
        • Context
          • Culture
            • Economic reasons (Unable to get a job, ect)
    • Deviation from ideal metal health (DIMH)
      • Jahoda (1958)
        • White, western
      • Positive
        • Focused
          • Resistant to stress
            • Independence
              • Reality
                • Adapting
      • Culture
        • How far does a person have to deviate?
          • Can induce stress


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