Defensive design 2

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  • Defensive design
    • Authentication
      • Authentication can confirm the identity of the user before they're allowed to access data
      • A common way is through using passwords
      • Passwords are usually associated with a username
      • Ways to increase the security of a password based authentication system
        • Force users to use strong passwords and change them regularly
        • Limit the number of failed authentication attempts before access is lost
        • Ask for a random selection of characters from the password on each authentication
      • Too much authentication can affect a program's functionality
    • Should be easy to maintain
      • Programmer should make sure that it is well-maintained
      • Well-maintained programs makes it easy for other programmers to change parts of the source code
      • Features that improve the maintainability of source code
        • Comments are useful for explaining what the key features of a program do
        • Indentation can be used to separate different statements in a program
        • Variables and sub programs should be named so that they refer to what they actually are
        • Only use global variables when necessary as they could affect the rest of your code
      • If a good amount of useful comments are put into the source code then it is very easy to produce a summary of what the program code actually does


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