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  • Defences
    • Intoxication
      • Voluntary
    • Automatism
    • Insanity
      • M'Naghten rules
        • 1. A defect of reason
          • D must suffer from a defect of reason. Mere forgetfulness or absent mindedness is not sufficient. R v Clarke
        • 2. The defect of reason must be caused by a disease of the mind
          • Arteriosclerosis R v Kemp
          • Epilepsy Bratty v A-G for NI
          • Sleepwalking R v Burgess
        • 3. The defect of reason must be such that D did not know what he was doing, or if he did know, he did not know the act was wrong.
    • Self- defence
      • Necessity of force
      • Untitled
      • Untitled
      • Reasonableness of force
    • Consent


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