Defence Mechanisms

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  • Defence Mechanisms
    • Droplet Infection
      • When you talk breath or sneeze you expel tiny droplets of pathogens. (TB, flu)
    • Direct Contact
      • Direct Contact by skin (herpes, HIV, impetigo)
    • ContaminatedFood and Drink
      • Raw or undercooked food or contaminated water can cause disease e.g (cholera, food poisoning)
    • Through a Break in your Skin
    • Natural Defence Mechanisms
      • SKIN- stops bacteria reaching tissues below.
      • SCABS - when you cut yourself a scab forms which stops pathogens entering into the skin.
      • MUCUS- When you breath in, any pathogens get stuck in sticky mucus and are destroyed in the stomach.
      • STOMACH - any pathogens are destroyed in stomach by strong acid (Ph1-2)


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